Formally founded in 2009, Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning, llc is locally owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Ray & Tonya Burke. Arising for very humble origins, the Burkes have built Spray Wash into one of southeast’s premier cleaning companies, offering a variety of services including Softwashing, pressure and power washing, roof cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, interior warehouse and cooler cleaning, and even Christmas & Holiday Light Installation.

We treat each customer as we wish to be treated, we believe in superior service, delivering excellent results and always being available. Our valuable Spray Wash team members are trained and skilled in the latest use of equipment, chemicals, public safety and industry standards. We offer ‘round the clock service and can accommodate the largest and most challenging of jobs. Our technicians undergo rigorous background checks, drug testing and ongoing training at Spray Wash.

We are specialist in “high work”, and certified and trained in lifts, safety and ladder use. Ray Burke, the owner, is also trained in rappelling work. We take a very serious attitude towards’s public safety, each job in a public space will feature a safety officer in charge of policing the perimeters and keeping the public safe at all times. Also, we feature full and proper classification Workers Compensation Insurance for all of our employees (as well as a owners), to protect our emplyees as well as out customers.

Equipment wise, we use the very latest and best in innovations and technology. From the ProPortioner, to Water Dragon and Hotsy Pressure washers, custom mounted rigs and professional grade soaps, chemicals and detergents, we continually research the industry to provide our customers the best possible results.

Ray Burke is the 2016-2017 Vice-president of the National Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners, the nation’s largest cleaning industry trade association, Additionally he trains students in the cleaning industry and is affiliated with Agent Clean University and Doug Rucker’s Pressure Washing School. He also acts as a business coach and mentor to dozens of students nationwide.

Tonya Burke comes from a service industry background and is active with both BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) and several local charity organizations. Tonya also teaches and trains sales and marketing skills on a national level to up and coming cleaning companies.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us at 850-320-6364 or drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you!



The Spray Wash Team In Action